A podcast interview: Down syndrome, hope and what it means to be human

A few weeks ago, the lovely Erin Franco (from the Humble Handmaid blog) kindly asked me to join her on her podcast about faith and motherhood, The Right Heart, for a conversation about having a child with Down syndrome.

I thought that was a super fun idea — so on a rainy Wednesday evening, I snuck away into my closet (the only quiet place I could find in the house with four children) and sat on the floor next to the treadmill (you don’t keep your treadmill in the closet?) and called Erin for a heartfelt chat.

Some of the questions Erin asks in the podcast are: What is the best reaction or treatment of Kate that you think people can have? Why do you say it is a “gift” to have a child with special needs? How has having a child with Down syndrome affected your marriage? How did you and and your husband decide to have more children after having Kate?

To listen to our conversation, just click here.

(Thank you, Erin, for having me on your podcast! I so appreciated your honest and thoughtful questions — you are a wonderful host.)