Life lessons from a 2-year-old

Tomorrow is my little boy’s 2nd birthday party.

Ah, to be two again.

It’s a shame that few of us remember that age, since it really is a magical world through the eyes of a 2-year-old.

And so – even if he doesn’t remember life at this tender age – I’ll be sure to remind him of the profound things he’s taught me in true “everything I need to know in life I learned at age 2” fashion:


1. Life is really, really funny.

2. If you say “please,” you can basically have anything you want. Even cookies for dinner.

3. If you say “more please,” you get even more cookies for dinner.

4. Folding laundry is a waste of time.

5. Putting away toys is a waste of time.

6. Eating off the floor is a good use of time.

7. Dogs are like small ponies.

8. Cats are the only creatures that don’t do what I say.

9. Diapers make for more efficient play-time.

10. If at first they don’t hear you, YELL LOUDER!

11. It’s fun to play with restaurant salt shakers.

12. Mommy’s food tastes better than my food.

13. Mommy’s chair is more comfortable than my chair.

14. Mommy’s iPhone is more fun than my toy.

15. Kisses are magic.

16. And so is the moon.

17. All kids under the age of 10 are “babies.”

18. There are few things more fun than jumping on pillows.  Or leaves. Or the bed. Or on Daddy.

19. I can do it by myself.

20. No, I want Mommy to do it with me.

21. I am loved.