What I stand for

I stand for off-white linen curtains that fall beside morning windows, which are smudged with the curious fingerprints of a 7, 6, 4 and 2-year-old.

I stand for zip-up sleepers that cover the chilly toes of my gurgling, chubby baby.

I stand for hot, fresh bread made from 6 ingredients, topped with yellow butter made from cows who eat grass.

I stand for Autumn days.

And Spring ones, too.

And Winter mornings when the sky is icy grey.

I stand for dark, stormy afternoons that give full permission to stay inside under a blanket and read Harry Potter.

I stand for kissing my husband when we say goodbye — and hello — and excuse me, I need to reach my cup of coffee —

And oh, I stand for coffee. With real cream and something sweet.

I stand for friends who know you and love you anyway.

And for taking care of each other.

For bringing leftover cake to a neighbor’s doorstep.

And bookshelves stuffed with books.

I stand for the hypnotizing, contagious, world-peace-inducing grin of a baby.

And the joy of a full dinner table.

I stand for standing up to offer help.

And also, for sitting down.

I stand for dresses on sale from Anthropologie and imperfect, homemade gifts.

For cello music.

And The Sound of Music.

And singing out loud in the car to Adele.

I stand for faces instead of screens and long, good conversations that keep you up way too late.

I stand for Sunday brunch and mimosas.

For picnics under trees.

And for family reunions that make you feel like a kid again.

For the simple things that have nothing to do with power or fame or whatever it’s so easy to think is so important.

I stand for hand-writing letters,

And hand-making pretty things,

And rich, black dirt under too-short nails from digging up the sweet potatoes.

For backyard chickens,

And front-porch sitting,

For writing and snuggling and praying and knitting.

And for lip gloss. I also stand for lip gloss.

I stand for the pursuit of truth and justice —

And for dark chocolate after lunch.

For telling stories and hearing stories and writing stories that matter.

I stand for a world where we can all be

exactly who we were made to be:

people who create art

and love each other

and eat cake

and act silly

and think deeply

and who live a life

that stands for something.