Faith and Family Live

My features in Faith & Family Magazine online:

Notes From the Cry Room – “I could barely hear the pastor’s voice over the loud speaker. Something about Lent and the raising of Lazarus. His voice was drowned by mothers shushing and children fussing. Toddlers whining and mine, begging for me to put on his new cowboy boots. I obliged. I propped him up on my lap and…”

All the Single Ladies – ” When I was in my young 20?s, I read the book He’s Just Not That Into You. You remember the one — it was a pop hit. It was written by a writer for the hit series, Sex in the City, Greg Behrendt…”

Finding my Roots in Cowboy Boots – “I grew up traveling the world. As the toe-headed daughter of an Air Force officer, I learned my first English words in Japan. I sailed into puberty in Hawaii. I woke up to flaky, chocolate croissants in Paris on my 13th birthday…”

 A Mother’s Work – “My husband, Matt, and I had a much-needed, kid-free date the other night (thanks to the grandparents). We sat with our cold beers and Tex-Mex and chatted about life, love and the meaning of it all…”