The Secret to Joy, by My Toddler

Eat only when you’re hungry.

Choose the box over the toy.

Say hi to strangers. Especially when they look grumpy.

Be proud of your gut.

Ask “Why” a lot. Don’t settle til’ you’re satisfied.

When in doubt, make a poop joke.

Negotiate your destiny.

Sleep when you’re grumpy.

Despise injustice.

Have a point of view.

Be easily bribed by sugar.

Drink from cups that make you feel fancy.

Be in awe of your body.

Wear your pajamas to the grocery store. Paired with a birthday hat.

Play the role of the good guy.

Greet friends with gusto when they come to the door.

Tell people you need them.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

Or to say yes.

Seek out people who make you laugh.

Pray in song.

Sing in church.

Dance in undies.

Moo at cows.

Believe you can do it yourself.

Believe you’re adorable.