Wonders of the World

I sat on the front porch last night in my new teak rocking chair watching an incredibly majestic sunset.

The sky looked like a piece of Elly MacKay’s artwork — as if the clouds were water-colored paper, back-lit in a giant light box. The colors — neon teal to a dull orange — wove in and out of clouds that bellowed like smoke. And in the very middle of the big cloud in front of me was a heart-shaped hole where the most comforting wave of deep pink flooded through. I rocked my new baby and watched the setting sun and later remarked on the Sipping Lemonade Facebook page:

“If I had to name my own 7 wonders of the world, a sleeping baby and a beautiful sunset would be two to of them.”

It made me think about how every week is full of small wonders — things that truly make me see the hand of God in the world. As Chesterton says, “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Yes: that is the feeling in those moments, sheer gratitude. It’s bigger than happiness. It’s happiness doubled by wonder.

And even if I never see the The Great Pyramid of Giza or The Hanging Gardens of Babylon — my life will have still been complete having seen the rise and fall of my child’s breath on a summer afternoon.


To have watched a storm roll in with a cup of hot coffee.


To have been visited by a friendly amphibian while splashing in a water table.


For surely, it is in these little things that God shows his presence to us every day.

We spend so much of life looking for miracles:

When really, aren’t they all around us?


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