Why you should always be who you are meant to be!

We just moved into a new house out in the country and there is a portion of our land that we are dedicating to be “wildflower land.”

We threw down some seeds, stomped it in to the freshly tilled dirt, and are hoping that come Spring it will be abuzz with watercolor blooms and honey bees.

Wildflowers are one of those things I think God gave us just to make us smile.

But as I learned more about our little field of pretty, I realized that wildflowers are much more than just ornamental. They are also a great example for how we can all better bloom in this life — how, as Thoreau said:

“All good things are wild and free.”

The wild and free flowers are not uniform beds of well-behaved gardens, which, though beautiful, often require a lot of maintenance and fertilizer. Rather, these little beauties tend to be much more hardy because they thrive when they are planted where they are meant to be planted.

And because they are just being themselves — who they are meant to be — they are incredibly fruitful, creating a lovely ecosystem that is beneficial for neighboring plants and animals.

What I also love about wildflowers: they often surprise us, popping up in the most unexpected places, often when we need them most.

For instance, when the smoke cleared after California’s Santa Monica Mountains were scorched with wildfire — tiny blossoms of pink, yellow and blue coated the hillsides. Providing comfort to the bald, blackened earth, the seeds of those specific flowers actually needed the heat of fire to germinate — blooming best when needed most.

But what I find most intriguing about wildflowers? Their diverse nature. Some are almost neon in color, some are subdued pastels.

Some have round, plump petals — while others are delicate and thin.

Some reach high above the rest, as if on watch for bees and butterflies — while others sit soft in the shadows watching for the crawlers and climbers among the dirt.

But together — they create a stunning landscape both purposeful and pretty. Every difference celebrated. Every unique quality needed. Every colorful one adding a little something special — just as they are.

Just like all of us.



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