Who’s going to show up next?

A fun announcement around these parts, friends: we’re pregnant with #4!

A fourth little pea in the pod, smooshy-wooshy, cutie pie is on his/her way—and we couldn’t be happier. [Insert fuzzy picture of nugget.]


Of course, this is also why there’s been radio silence on this blog for awhile. If you’ve wondered where I’ve been, the answer is simple: on the couch. (Or, more often than I liked, staring at the toilet.)

#4 has come with its own special version of morning sickness not experienced with the first three. I could’ve sworn I was having twins based on the nausea and fatigue that hit me this time, but alas, there’s only one little heartbeat in there. And now that I’m reaching the end of my first trimester, I’m back to the land of the living! Hallelujah! {cue choir of angels}

I will say, though, one of the greatest parts of motherhood is being able to experience how different each pregnancy—and each little human—is. The more I have, the more apparent this becomes.

We just kind of assume with our first that they’ll be a mini-me (or a mini version of our spouse). But suddenly they’re here. And though we (meaning, “I”) try to attribute every charming and not-so-charming characteristic to one of our own traits, they are so very much themselves.

I find this to be such a great adventure.

This adventure has helped shaped my own perspective even more about being the mom of a child with Down syndrome. Her special needs are often just as “special” as any of my other children’s needs. My 1-year-old is a great eater, but not a great sleeper. My 4-year-old is a picky eater, but sleeps like a champ. My 2-year-old (who happens to have Down syndrome) is a social butterfly, fluttering about from one group to the next at parties—while my baby is often shy and clinging to Mommy.

Accepting my children for who they are is freedom. We are all differently-abled. We all have special needs. We all long to be accepted for who we are and pushed to become our best selves.

And with the fourth nestled within me, I love to wonder: who’s going to show up next?

Because, whoever it is, it will be exactly who it’s supposed to be.


  1. Donna

    A really big Congrats to you and Matt from New Zealand. Hope your morning sickness eases up soon and the rest of the time goes by smoothly.

  2. hi lauren, been following your blog and i’ve wondered why oh why she is not posting.. alas, this is the reason. :) congratulations! although i don’t know you personally and i have not felt or gotten pregnant (still single! haha), i can feel your love for your children and your love for writing. i honor you. hope that i could meet you soon. :)

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