We’ve launched!

We were still tweaking things on the share buttons and comment section this morning — crosschecking functionality and aesthetics between browsers — and making sure that everything overall “works.” And I think it does.

We’ve officially launched over at 3ThingsforMom.com.

I’m thrilled that we have such a phenomenal cast of women to help us jumpstart this week. I’ve read several of their 3 Things already and have already had many head-nodding, “amen sister,” aha moments.

Isn’t it funny how the more simply stated something is, the more profound its affect?

If you’d like, check out my first post there today where I introduce the idea and the crew this week.

In other news, I’ll still be blogging here regularly. This is a special place for me to share little creative moments of inspiration — and also to tell you the story of why mommies (or just me) aren’t good at playing “dinosaurs.”

My (almost) 4-year-old boy: Mommy, let’s play dinosaurs. (brings three plastic dinosaur toys over, hands me one.)

Me: Great!

Boy: OK, this one shoots fire. This one shoots smoke.

Me: Mine is hungry and wants a bagel, then to have a dance party.

Boy: But when can they all shoot smoke and fire?

Me: How about they just kiss? Mmmmmuuuahhh…

Boy: No! They shoot fire and SMOKE!

Me: OK, fine. Pssshhh Pshhh (that’s my shooting noise, sounds more like a splashing dolphin, not as good as Daddy’s) AHHHHH!!!!! He fell over.

Boy: (laughing)

Me: OK, now dance party. “Daaaaannnce parrrrty… daaaance, daaaaance party…” (T-Rex is doing the twist)

Boy: Yay, dancing dinosaurs! (Stegosaurus is flailing about.)

What can I say, I’m a girl.  I’m getting used to playing with rough and tumble boys. In the meantime, I think dancing is a good common ground.

“Daaaaannnce parrrrty… daaaance, daaaaance party…”

Have a great holiday!

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