Me [to the toddler]: Honey, your biscuits are ready! Time for breakfast!

Todder: No, waffles.

Me: But what about yummy biscuits? Mmm… with butter?

Toddler: No, two waffles.

Me: [Excited] Let’s eat biscuits!!!

Toddler: TWO WAFFLES!!!!

Me: Fine.

Five minutes later. Waffles have been toasted, buttered and plated on the toddler’s plastic plate.

Me: Here you go, honey. Waffles.

Toddler: [Looks puzzled at waffles.] No, peanut butter!

Me: You want peanut butter on your waffles?


Me: Peanut butter, please.

Toddler: Peanut butter, pleeeeeease.

30 seconds later. Waffles have been peanut buttered.

Me: Here you go, honey. Peanut butter waffles.

Toddler: [Looks puzzled at waffles. Has meltdown.]

Me: What’s wrong? It’s waffles with peanut butter?

Toddler: [Cries louder. Demands to be held.]

Me: [Holding toddler] Honey, what’s wrong? It’s waffles with peanut butter?

Toddler: [sobbing] NO WAFFLES!!!

10 minutes later. Toddler has calmed. Waffles still not touched.

Me: Honey, do you want your waffles?

Toddler: [begins to cry] NOOOO WAFFLES!

Me: OK. Whatever.

10 minutes later. I hear toddler smacking. I turn to look at him devouring his waffles.

Toddler: [Smiling and excited.] Mmmm… waffles.

Just now, toddler tugging on my pant leg.

Me: Yes, baby?

Toddler: [Sweetly] More waffles?


…and so it continues.



  1. Erin

    totally normal. in fact, i feel like this scenerio happens at each mealtime. you are better than me, i only make one item and then leave it on the table. luke is edging closer to this stage, so i jump to “ok. whatever” quickly. eventually they eat it :)

    • Lauren

      You’re good, Erin! We don’t have this problem too often, as I just now give him cookies for every meal. HA! Just kidding. :)

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