To make new

I had this thought last night while fireworks were exploding and party-goers were exclaiming in our neck of the woods.

It was festive outside, but inside our cozy family home, we only noticed it was the New Year by glancing at the clock in the top right corner of our Apple laptop screens around 12:01. We were finishing up some work in our PJs. The kids had been soundly sleeping for hours and we still hadn’t unpacked the bags around us from our out-of-town Christmas trip.

So I leaned over, sleepy in bed, still holding my laptop, for a quick kiss and a slightly belated “Happy New Year.” We’re wild ones.

My thought had to do with the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions — a synonym of which is “resolve.” Re-solve. To solve again. And I was thinking that really, resolutions aren’t about creating something completely new and unheard of — but about making the decision to take another stab at what wasn’t quite perfect before.

That’s why, I think, every year is a better year — even with hard stuff or sad stuff or confusing stuff — every year we have more knowledge and life experience to find a better solution in our resolution.

And speaking of making new, our 4-month-old was baptized on Saturday.

Happy New Year, everyone.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ” — Albert Einstein


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