The magic makers

We are the magic makers.

The chocolate-chip cookie bakers.

The bed tucker-inners at night.

We are the tradition holders.

The warm, clean sheet folders.

The ones who make everything alright.

We are the bear huggers.

The morning coffee chuggers.

The ones they never outgrow when they’re grown.

We are the love bringers.

The Baa, Baa Black Sheep singers.

The most unconditional love ever known.

We are the sweet Mamas.

And the strong Daddies.

Who were, for a while, stuck in the middle.

Because somewhere between being a kid

— and a grown-up —

The magic can get lost just a little.

But ah, then we find it when we look in their eyes.

It’s like Christmas morning — life is full of surprise.

The fairy dust is found, there’s no need to fake it.

Because with them, we’ve discovered, life’s as magical as we make it.

We are the magic makers.

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