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I was interviewed by the local NBC news this morning to discuss one of my recent blog posts. The gist is about being a mommy and balancing life online vs. being present with the kids. Relevant, timely — and something that many of my fellow bloggin’ moms and friends have discussed lately.

I imagined a Martha Stewart interview: greeting the reporter at the door with homemade muffins and a hot pot of coffee. Pearls around my neck, an apron tied around my waist. And me, with hot rolled hair and perfectly blotted lipstick saying, “Well hello, welcome to my home. Come in, won’t you?”

I would answer the questions gracefully, then effortlessly wake my sleeping children — who would politely smile for the camera and happily eat their morning eggs. And then, I’d trade the apron for some heels and jaunt away to my day job, poignantly yelling behind me, “A woman’s work is never done!”

Enter: reality. A chest cold that’s crept up and left me with a booming, wet cough and a dripping nose (sexy). A sweating upper lip and a shy baby boy who buried his sweet blonde head into mommy’s chest most of the morning. However, the interview did go well. The muffins were pretty (even if they were store bought). And Kevin, the camera guy, did appreciate my hot coffee. I’ll post my 2 minutes of fame later this evening when I see the clip. (Yikes!)

In the meantime, some Martha moments remain:

Sunny tulips to greet our guests.

Farmer’s Market herb garden to add to the ambiance.

Deep pink lipstick for a little extra pop.

Stay tuned!

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