Life has been busy.

Well, that’s a boring way to start a post. Isn’t that the go-to answer these days? When you bump into someone you haven’t seen in awhile at church/the mall/Buffalo Wild Wings and they’re like: “How have you been?”

And you’re like “So busy! What about you?”

And they’re like, “Yeah! Busy, busy!”

I try to think of creative things to say instead of “So busy,” even though “busy” is an accurate description of most of our lives.

So sometimes I’m like, “You know, just runnin’ around like a chicken with my head cut off.” [Is that just a Texas saying?]

Or, “Just going, going, going!”

But it’s a boring answer. I should work more on the generic answer when people ask me “What’s going on?” and I only have a 30-second in-passing answer.

Maybe “The toddler is really pooping up a storm!” or “I’m still breastfeeding!” That would at least give them a random anecdote into my life while not needing more information.

Anyway, life has been busy.

But today, while feeling sucked of creativity, I peeked into my purse and saw these:

A sweet reminder of my baby’s feet. Now that’s a nice moment.

Maybe next time somebody asks me “What’s been going on?” I can say, “I took Kate’s socks to work with me!”

It really is the small things.


  1. I LOVE your outlook and perspective on simple things. Finding socks, cookie crumbs, or pretty litlle pink hairbows in your purse is when you know you’re a real MOM!

    I look forward to your posts everday.


  2. Irene Mitchell

    Running around like a chicken with your head cut off-isn’t just a Texas thing! I’m originally from Chicago and we said it there and now in North Carolina! I wonder if they say that in other languages?

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