Snow Day

It’s a snow day. In Texas. And my office has been closed for the second day in a row – so it’s been good to catch up on a few around-the-house things that were neglected when we were in the hospital. Here are some of the highlights.


Gross: Lady, the dog, has anal gland issues and produces unbearable odors from her back end area. I looked it up and supposedly adding some fiber to her diet can help. So today I fed her an apple with peanutbutter. Pray that this helps. I can just hear you now: “Dear God, please help Lady’s anal glands…”


Also gross: Sam, the cat, is throwing up all his food again. He got an allergy shot a month ago from the vet, which worked. But we have yet to switch him to the sensitive stomach food from Petsmart. I need to do this soon. Maybe the higher price of his food will be balanced out by buying less carpet cleaner.


Surprising: As much as I love Starbucks, I actually enjoy making coffee at home better. My belated New Year’s resolution is to get up early enough to make this a routine before work.


Cute: My little man’s way of saying thank you is, “Deedah.” It’s pretty much his go-to word for any sentiment he’s not sure how to express, but even when I say, “Can you say thank you?” He says “Deedah.”

Today I was trying to get him to actually say it by sounding out the words, “Listen to mommy,” I said, while he stared at me intently.

“‘Thaaannnnk.’ Can you say ‘thaaaaannnnk’?”

After a minute or so of watching me, he very seriously nodded his head and said, “Deeeeedaaaaah!” I give in.


Delicious: I made this butternut squash soup and Matt and I had it for lunch while watching the DVR’d American Idol we missed this week. I think we’ll have meatloaf for dinner.

Happy snow day!

  1. andrew

    I love Cole’s deedah. I’ve picked up on that and often say it back to him. He seems to love it and we get into a deedah, deedah, deedah, dee conversation; which he thinks is very funny.

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