Do you know what I’ve realized about life lately?

[And they all look up from what they’re doing with a “this better be good” face.]

“This too shall pass.”

It’s one of those “isms” that Mom and Grandma and that one random character in My Best Friend’s Wedding says, but it’s true. And that doesn’t just go for the hard stuff — but for the good stuff, too.

Every age, every stage, it’s all impermanent. It’s a perspective that is both comforting and bittersweet, but it teaches us to live in the moment.

I thought of this today while musing about how life is a bit messy right now — balancing priorities, kids, discerning God’s plan — but then I said to myself:

Self, it’s the same game of Chess, just different pieces — and you’ve been here before and you will again and you will figure it all out. Because you always do.

1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now there will be new worries and new joys and we won’t even remember today’s.

So I am grateful. For this moment. For the dog hair on my floor. For my whining toddler. For a baby who is constipated. And a plate that is full.

And because the strong-willed “toddler” age is just one of those beautiful stages that passes too quickly, I’ve written this recent article for

10 Reasons to Love the Terrible Twos

All that we behold is full of blessings.  ~William Wordsworth


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