Reflecting on 2011

For years, my husband has been asking me to blog.

“You’re a writer,” he would say, “it would be fun for you.”

“But what would I write about?” I asked.

And then one day, I had a story to tell.

It was a birth story of our second born — our sweet, perfect little Kate who surprised us in the delivery room with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. At the time, I longed to hear similar stories — good stories — of triumph and happiness and happily ever afters. And then, because I felt like it mattered, I wanted to share my own story. Her story.

And so began 2011.

Story after story, thought after thought, I’ve poured my words onto this funny little blog, and funny enough, you’ve come to read them. Many of you are friends or friends of friends or family members — and though it initially began as a good place for me to simply write — it has become so much more.

This little “web log” has become a start to conversations. A glue for friendships. A bridge to new relationships and new people that I would’ve perhaps never corresponded with otherwise. And because I now write a blog, I read more blogs. And through them, I’ve been inspired.

But most importantly, blogging this past year has captured a moment in time — a year that has been full of vulnerability, strength, growth, faith — and mostly, love. And now, as the clock leaps into 2012, I can open my little canister of stories and pour them in front of me for a moment of reflection.

And in the spirit of reflection, here are 11 posts that I’ve particularly enjoyed writing this past year:

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90 Percent

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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