I’m writing an article about being a “working” Mom — and this is an excerpt from it that prompted a bigger train of thought:

I sometimes think of my 70-year-old self and wonder what that woman will have wanted to accomplish. I picture her sitting in a room full of people, surrounded by her grown children and young grandchildren. And I know – that in that moment – she will not wish she had made more money or received more promotions. She will not wish she had worked more late nights or solved more business problems. Instead, she will smile, knowing that she had the most influential, powerful, important job there is: to be a mother.

We don’t need to constantly sit around thinking about ourselves with wrinkles and bifocals — but I do think it’s important to think about what, when all is said and done, really matters.

An old man in line at a post office said to me once, “You want to know how to live a long, happy life?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Walk a mile every day — and lay off the booze.”

It’s good to have perspective.

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  1. It’s all about finding that balance between going to work away from your children and being there, being home with them. I find that it takes the ability to not shoulder too many responsibilities or be too ambitious both in the office or at home. My daughters aren’t over-scheduled after-school because I want them to have enough restful time. I don’t live in a “perfect world.” We make our own world and do the very best we can – savoring every happy moment.

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