On the fridge

I like looking at people’s refrigerators. Not in their refrigerators — on their refrigerators. I mean, I suppose it’s interesting that they have gourmet salsa and leftover, half-eaten Chipotle burritos in there, but what’s more interesting is what they place under the magnets. Or even the magnets themselves. I’ve found that you can learn a lot about the little idiosyncrasies of a person based on the sole contents of the front of their fridge. Or, it’s at least a good way to hear fun stories.

For instance:

I got this fortune at Pei Wei on the day we found out I was pregnant with my first-born.



And two years later, he made me this artwork.



I inherited this magnet from my parents when I got my first apartment.



And years later, I wrote this when our sweet Katherine Grace was born.



We have words of inspiration.



And images of contemplation.



Baby announcements and birthday invites.


And the smiling faces of family members.



So when I go to the fridge to feed my belly, I feed my soul a little, too.

  1. Amy

    Very nice, love the ending …never looked at it that way. but my freezer is FULL of many different things and I don’t like to give any of it up. (fridge is stainless steel)

  2. Erin

    I feel honored that our invite made it’s debut on your blog :)
    I am glad you like to look at peoples fridge post-lets because I find myself doing the same, even at yours on occasion :)
    (when you guys come see the new house, you’ll have to look on the side of our fridge for our little post-lets. we have a stainless steel one that apparently is not magnetic…..boo)

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