Nothing of interest

I have nothing of interest to say today, except:

I’m recovering from food poisoning.

The worst case that I’ve ever had.

Not that I have had food poisoning all that often.

Nevertheless, I am recovering.

And sleepy.

But I really, really wanted to blog. The problem with me blogging while recovering from food poisoning is that every time I think about something more interesting/poignant to say, it just gets overpowered by this urge to tell you that I had food poisoning.

And so, I give in.

Sometimes a girl just needs to whine a little.

And that is all.

PS – I have leftover Tomato Basil soup in my work fridge if anyone wants it.

PPS – It was NOT the source of my food poisoning.

PPPS – On the upside, I might just be turning into a mutant. And that’s not so bad.


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