Month by Martha

I’ve decided that Martha Stewart did not craft this calendar for people with toddlers.

Though I appreciate being reminded to insert supports in the peony gardens! (April 16th)


  1. Ha! I think the cats can just wash and groom themselves this year, Martha!! I don’t think she had toddlers all right, or middle childhood children, or teens, OR a husband!!! That’s funny :-)

  2. Anita

    My dear Lauren….let me start by saying that I can barely stand Martha Stewart. Having said that, allow me to remind you that Martha DOESN’T DO any of the things on this lists. ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! Other than “brunch with family & friends, attend niece and/or nephew’s b-day and horseback riding” The absolute rest is done by people at her beck and call!!! So, don’t take this calendar too seriouslyl, you’re a wonderful MOM, loving WIFE, and BRILLIANT writer…You have far better & more important things to do with your time that truly make a difference, and awe and inspire many of us that ENJOY reading SIPPING LEMONADE. Hugs, Anita
    PS I hope you don’t take the fact that I dislike MS too personally;-)

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