I love makeover stories. Don’t you?

Like when the Biggest Loser goes from super-big to super-model.

Or when they yell “Move that bus!” on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the disabled family sees their new customized palace, complete with everything they need to live a more disability-friendly life. And that music plays. And they cry. Oh, Lord help me.

Or when people get haircuts. Or new jobs. Or dump that loser, schmoozer boyfriend and marry the sweet guy-next-door.

It’s like that Ani DiFranco song that I used to sing loud to in my green GEO Metro in College:

“And God help you if you are a Phoenix and you dare to rise up from the ash, a thousand eyes with smoulder with jealousy as you are just flying past…”

But I digress.

On a much more anti-climatic note: my blog got a little makeover as you may have noticed. My picture is right there —–>

(And there’s a new pic on my “About” page, too.)

In this mini-renovation, I had to re-import all the share icons (those little Twitter, Facebook, & email icon thingies at the bottom of each post). And in the move, I lost the old “number counts” from each of those share buttons. Oh well. You know if you liked it. And I like that you did like it. And you like me for liking you and your liking.

And that’s all for now. I’ll write something with more substance later.


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