We got him another “lovey” that looks just like his favorite — except this one is new.

It’s the “emergency” lovey. The one we planned to pull out of the closet when his usual Velveteen Rabbit gets thrown in the wash or – heaven forbid – lost.

But then he discovered that he now has two loveys that look the same, and so he’s piled them both in his crib – along with the other must-have stuffed animals.

But tonight, when I did a swaparoo, he knew better.

The paws weren’t worn in the same place that he likes to rub his thumbs. The fur wasn’t matted like the usual place he rests his cheek. The body was plump and fresh and new — while his old one is kind of lumpy. And so, he rejected the imposter — threw it, in fact — and demanded his real bed buddy.

I smiled.

In all the “looking for the next best thing” of the adult world, it’s nice to remember that things are much more comfortable when they’re already broken in.


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