Love her more

False alarm: we had to stay another night. But that’s OK. Little bit is getting better.


Perched upon her little bed;

A queen, golden mohawk on her head.



She breathes through lips so pursed and rosy

An oxygen tube inside her nose-y.




She sighs and sleeps while mommy peeks

at her chunky arms and oh-so-plump cheeks.




Fluids run through an IV,

to hydrate and heal our sweet little pea.




There she lay beneath her blankie

finally calm after a morning of cranky.




Every second, my heart grows bigger

as I watch her fight this cold with vigor.




And as she heals on this confetti floor,

my love for her grows even more.

(if that’s even possible).



  1. Nehashay and Julie

    we love the warners oh yes we do,
    we’re sending you our love and warm thoughts from far away,
    i hope they reach you and bring joy to your day.

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