Littly, smushy baby brains

I read an interesting article today entitled: “11 facts every parent should know about their baby’s brain.”

There were two points that I found specifically interesting:

1. “The only thing we know of, that makes babies smarter, is talking to them.”

2. “Babies divide up the world between things that respond to them and things that don’t. And things that don’t, don’t teach. A recording does not follow a baby’s cues, which is why infant DVDs, such as Baby Einstein and Brainy Baby, have been found to be ineffective. If you want to help your baby to be smart, throw out the flashcards and videos, and play with your baby.”

It’s kinda cool that with all the technological advancements and studies and fuss about “making smart children” — the most educational “action” is good ole’ fashioned interaction.

After I read this article, I asked the toddler how to spell “box” and he said “a-x-i-z.”

Then I somehow taught him that when you “bless” someone after they sneeze, you sneeze while saying it: “Blesssss-YOUUU!”

Who needs Baby Einstein when you have Mama?


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