Why the little things matter most

It’s literally raining leaves outside my livingroom window. With even the most gentle breeze, another group blows down from the tall oak with the small orange leaves that towers over our back patio.

In the warm morning light, they flicker like orange specs of fairy dust, floating almost weightlessly back and forth until they meet their fate with a soft landing upon the lawn.

Yesterday, Starbucks reminded me that Fall is here with a poster hung in the driveway exclaiming that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. So later that day at the grocery store, I filled my trunk with a big white pumpkin and a couple of little orange ones — and some red and orange mums for the front porch.

I’m planning to scour the candle box in the office closet later today [I love that there is a candle box in the closet: it smells like Hobby Lobby in October every time I go in there] for orange and red candles to nestle within the cozy lap of the autumn wreath on my diningroom table.

This morning, my boy painted a bird on a white paper plate to add to our Fall decor. He abandoned the paintbrush for his fingertips, swirling reds and oranges and yellows together, staining the bird’s feathers with the most beautiful sunset of watercolors.

Last night we made butternut squash soup. Today we ate popcorn on the back porch.

These are my favorite things in life.

They aren’t the things put on the cover of Time magazine or the ones that go down in the history books as what made the world. But they are the things that make our world, the little stitches that weave our family tapestry.

The little things in life can seem frivolous or unimportant sometimes, but it is in doing these little things with great love for my family that I think I do my most important work. My hope is that I can instill a sense of gratitude in my children for life’s little gifts:

The changing of a season, the color of leaves, the taste of seasonal vegetables, the decoration of a table, the planting of flowers, but mostly:

Just being together.

I have found that when I am grateful for the smallest things, I am grateful for everything — that I need less, that I focus more, that I am most joyful.

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