Like a cat out of water

Why does my cat do this?



Every morning, he runs into my bathroom, meowing and purring. He winds around my legs, jumps up on the counter and begs for me to turn on the faucet.

At first, it was peculiar. So I obliged with curiosity.



But then he got obsessed.



All I know is kitty can’t get enough of that tiny stream of sink water. (Look at that sandpaper tongue.)





  1. Stephanie

    My aunt’s cat, gus, totally does the same thing. He will meow to get your attention, lead you into the bathroom, jump into the bathtub, and then wait for you to turn on the faucet. And he won’t drink ’til you leave the room. Such fussy creatures, cats.

  2. shana

    My two cats are bathtub drinkers as well. They like to watch the water go down the drain and then drink what’s left over. Silly little animals.

  3. My one cat has done this for years. Mine looks like a twin to yours. Her sister cat doesn’t do it but she’s much more well diginified cat like type cat. At one time we had cat fountains (yeah I know can you believe we spent money on that) the water faucet cat liked it but chewed the cord twice so we went back to the sink.

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