Life soars on

Kate was my second-born — and this week, we welcomed our fourth miracle, her second little sister into the world.

After Kate’s Down syndrome diagnosis at birth, I wondered what the future would hold for our family. Would we have more children? I remember googling that very topic and scrolling through forums the first weeks after she was born. Would life go on?

Little did I know that life wouldn’t just go on — it would soar.

Kate would become, in many ways, just one of the bunch. Another colorful fabric in the tapestry of unique individuals in our family — while at the same time, also giving her siblings an incredibly special gift in being their sister.

She loved holding her baby sister for the first time the other night and when I saw this pic I thought to myself: if I could have only imagined this image the day she was born.

The one I held with tears and fears the day she was born now gently cares for her younger siblings. Adores her older brother. Rocks her baby dolls and her skinny jeans.

Number four is cradled in my crossed legs cooing. And I am filled with the same awe that I’ve had since my first was born.

Life is so precious.



  1. I think people see what they look for. Fortunately, you have many beautiful things to see in all of your children. I think that is what I will start tell people who are expecting, look for beauty in your child and you will see it. You have been a good example in doing this. Congratulations on your new little baby!

  2. Delores Townsend

    My daughter was always the most gentle “babysitter” with her 5 nieces and nephews. When they were fussy, she would hold them and carefully pat the baby’s back—usually they would quiet down & fall asleep. It was a beautiful thing to watch. She would sing to them, or just softly talk to them.God bless her heart.

  3. Oh, I wondered!! So so happy for your sweet family. Our baby number four was my easiest one to date. Also our second girl. What a blessed time in your household. Enjoy the babymoon!

  4. Jennifer H

    Congratulations on it all!!!!! I agree with the poster above-there is beauty ALL around us-we must choose to see it.

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