The not-so-quiet quiet life

The bacon sizzled in the cast iron skillet as I chopped tomatoes and green bell pepper and sharp cheddar cheese.

I called my work-at-home husband: “Coming home soon? Lunch is almost ready!” Happily, he said he’d be down in a minute.

“Kaaaate, eat your hummus,” I encouraged my distracted 4-year-old, giggling with her 2-year-old little sister at the table. The oven timer beeped: homemade croutons were finished. I grabbed an oven mitt and ran over to pull them out as Kasey Chambers’ song, “The Quiet Life” came singing over Spotify:

We could be the talk of the town tonight
Carry home your shoes in the morning light
Or we could just stay here a while
Wrapped up in the quiet life

I knew my husband was “home” from his home office when I heard the girls squeal. Nothing like two little girls to make you feel welcome. “DADDY!” they yelled in unison and threw their hands up in the air. Wide grins took over their faces.

We could sail away to Tobago
Fly across the Gulf of Mexico
Or we could just stay here a while
Wrapped up in the quiet life

“Oooh,” he complimented as he walked over to the chopped salad waiting for him. Mixed greens piled with fresh tomatoes, green beans, bacon, peppers and cheese. “Dinner is slow-cooking in the oven,” I smiled as we sat down to chat over lunch.

We could get a job on the movie screen
Smile on the cover of a magazine
Or we could just be man and wife
Happy in the quiet life

We talked about work and weekend plans, garden to-dos and yard projects. And as I glanced over at the fridge, a photo caught my eye. It was a picture of our first date — a young couple in a posh restaurant that look mostly the same as we do now, but whose lives were just unfolding. Whose dreams were just being shaped. Whose priorities were naturally different.

He kissed me goodbye and off he went as the girls ran off to the playroom. I piled dishes in the sink and squeezed a lime in my water. And I stopped to look at the photo once more.

Who knew that our greatest accomplishments would not be found outside the home, but within it?

That such purpose would be found in this crazy, loving, not-so-quiet quiet life.


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