I’m grumpy.

It’s just one of those mornings where the bra I wanted to wear was wet in the washing machine — along with my work out clothes.

And I fell asleep before having time to clean the kitchen and woke up to dirty dishes.

And I weighed myself this morning (don’t do that after Memorial Day weekend) and the past two weeks of Operation Sexy are a wash.

And I need to go to the grocery store.

And my fresh herbs are dying because I took them from their happy place behind my kitchen sink and put them outside because they had ants in them. And now they don’t get watered enough.

And my automatic lock stopped working on my driver’s side door and I have to use the key to unlock it instead of the little button thing.

And I stepped on dog food in my bedroom this morning. Why is there dog food on my carpet?

And my hair looks weird today.

And the grass is dying in our front yard.

And I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but I wish I could because making this list is making me less grumpy.

In fact, it’s kind of fun.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Andrea

    I like this. I think it’s good to be grumpy every once in a while. When you make a list of all the things you are grumpy about and look back at them…you should be grateful for them. I know it sounds crazy BUT at least you have a washing machine, and you had a meal before you fell asleep in your comfy bed, and you have the resources to go to the grocery store…blah blah blah. So rejoice in your grumpiness!! :) (Or as my mother-in-law would say “offer it up”).

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