If you knew you couldn’t fail

I gotta admit: I’m kind of the tough love type when it comes to complaining about things.

And not just for others, but for myself. Wanna lose weight? Get on a treadmill and put down the chocolate. Don’t like your job? Find another one. Got a problem? Find a solution. It’s easier to preach than to practice, I know — but I always catch myself when I start to whine and say: “Self, if it’s within your power to fix it, then just do it already. Stop yo’ whinin’.”

When I look to the people whom inspire me most, they are doers. The ones who make it happen instead of sitting around talkin’ about it.

We all have that power within us, it just takes a little courage – and sometimes a little support – to get going.

I have a girlfriend (Kimber) who’s doing just that: chasing her dream, full on. And she was featured on Dallas’ Channel 8 this morning to share her web series “Fit Trip,” where she hosts a series of shows as an “ordinary girl” trying out “extraordinary fitness.”

I am so proud of her – and like the mama hen that I am, I wanted to share a clip of her with you:

I think us humans are at our best when we’re pursuing our passions. From jobs to love to family to faith: what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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