Happy Friday

Hi. It’s Friday. Are you glad? I am.

I’m looking forward to a nice weekend of a crawfish boil and a birthday party and a date night with my husband.

And maybe I’ll plant something. It’s supposed to rain a little.

About this time of year, I always have a longing for a summer break. (After all, we’re conditioned with those delightful 3 months of freedom since we’re little ones.)

I long for empty, hot afternoons that smell like cut grass and sprinklers.

For sleeping in late and waking up leisurely to the thought of: What am I going to do today?

For every day feeling like Friday.

For those of you in the education system who are embarking upon summer break (I’m talking to you, Mom!), I envy you.

And for those of you who are simply enjoying the mini break that every end of every week brings…

Happy Friday. Celebrate life this weekend!

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