Great Expectations

My Dad sent me this video today:






And it got me thinking: isn’t it amazing what we are capable of when someone has high expectations of us? This is true for Chaser the dog – and for us humans. We can only accomplish what we believe we can accomplish. We can only succeed as far as we can dream. This is why encouragement is such a blessing. It is encouragement that teaches us to keep going when we feel like stopping – and to attempt things we never thought possible. I love stories of people who break expectations: who run marathons after an accident that left doctors telling them they would never walk again; who give an award-winning speech after struggling with a lifelong stutter; who raise a beautiful, healthy family after coming from a broken home. And if it weren’t for the encouragement and belief of his owner, Chaser the dog would be chasing his tail.  Whether we’re two, eight, or eighty, we all thrive on encouragement. And when we feel like we’re just running in circles, chasing our tails – we must remember to have great expectations.


On a less preachy note, it’s Hollywood night on American Idol. Which means: lots of tunes, tears and Tyler (Steven Tyler, that is). I’m off to marinate some chicken. Happy Thursday!

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