Great company

It’s weird when your kids get to the age where they keep you company.

Babies keep you busy, of course. And young toddlers certainly keep you on your toes. Those very early days, weeks, years — they have a special magic all their own.

But my oldest — my boy — he’s turning four soon. And lately, I’ve realized that I enjoy his company in a whole new way.

In the way where he tells stories that I find captivating.

And jokes that make me giggle.

He has fantastic comedic timing.

And a truly wonderful curiosity.

And tonight — while I was dancing silly to some song on the radio — he started chanting, “Go Mom, Go Mom, Go Mom…” Giving me the same kind of encouragement I dote on him. Stepping out of himself to cheer on his old ma’.

We carried a basket of laundry together today. He held one handle, I held the other. And earlier he called my name — and when I answered, he simply said: “Love you.” We sang along to familiar tunes on the radio. And when I sang him the lullaby I made up for Kate tonight, he listened intently to every word — and then, when I was finished, he said: “Sing it again” and told me it was good.

And isn’t that the reward of parenthood? In all the love we pour out of ourselves — we receive it tenfold — in little people who grow up to be big people who we pray will be good people.

And if we’re lucky, great company.

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