Good Morning Life

I woke up early.

Early enough to hear the birds sing their morning prayers and see the sun peek over the horizon.

I pulled the Bumble into bed with me for a morning feed and was happy to see that I still had plenty of time to make coffee, take a shower and toast half a bagel before it was time to leave.

And then: life began.

The cat wanted water from the sink. The dog smelled like dog. The kitchen hadn’t been cleaned and there was left-over macaroni stuck to the pot staring at me. Kate wanted to be held. The floor was covered in an obstacle course of Lego blocks — and I (sigh), emerged from my idealistic early-morning fog and:

Let the dog out. (You stink!)

Turned the sink on for the cat. (Quit meowing at me!)

Put fussy Kate in the Bumbo chair. (Mama needs both her hands, my Love.)

Turned on the coffee while cleaning the kitchen while moving the huge box out of the way that Matt’s Father’s Day office chair came in (trip hazard) while answering early-morning emails. (Yikes! Do I have a 9 am meeting?)

Took a quick shower.

Scarfed down half a bagel.

Turned the a/c down because I was sweating.

Ran out the door with wet hair.

Put on mascara in the parking lot.


However, I got to work on time.

AND, I didn’t get bagel crumbs in my car.

Life is good.

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