Did I ever tell you about the time I met Elijah Wood?

While going through security (and running late for our flight) in the Auckland airport, I stood right next to a small, familiar man. Practically rubbed shoulders with him.

So I looked at him.

And then I looked again.

And then I recognized his face.

This face:

And I said to my husband, “Pssst. Matt. Look over there. That’s… that’s that guy from Lord of the Rings.

And Matt said, “Eh, no it’s not.”

And I whispered, “Yes it is! What’s his name? Frodo?”

And Matt glanced over and said, “Eh… nah…”

And so Matt and I and Kate and her big brother and three suitcases and Frodo (and a frizzy-haired male companion of his) rode down the escalator together. The long, slow escalator full of photo ops and conversation possibilities.

But I just looked at him. (With my peripheral vision, of course. I’m not a creepo!)

And I said to Matt, “Yes, it is. THAT is Elijah Wood. The international superstar. We could totally get a picture with him, he’s right there!”

And Elijah Wood smiled at me. With this face:

And Matt said, “Eh… I dunno… I don’t think so.”

And then we got on the plane for a 12 hour flight. And Elijah Wood and his cuffed jeans were whisked off somewhere in First Class.

And the next morning, we were all standing in line for customs at LAX with the same blue-eyed Frodo and Matt said, “You know, I think that is him.”

And you can imagine my expression.

Then I pulled out my iPhone and showed him a picture of Elijah wearing the same pants on Google images. They must be his traveling pants. Like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But I digress.

We were too far away now to take a picture anyway.

I could’ve been cast in the next Hobbits movie and been BFF with Frodo, but it was too late.

My one brush with a celebrity since shaking hands with David Hasselhof in 5th grade — and I had nothing to show for it.

So, we happened to stand with him AGAIN outside in the bus lane. And luckily, Matt snapped this picture on his iPhone so we can show our grandchildren when they watch Lord of the Rings:


“Trust me kids, it’s Frodo wearing his Traveling Pants. I promise.”


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