First World Problems

You’ve heard the phrase — first world problems?

If you search the Twitter hashtag, you’ll find status messages of people who know that what they’re complaining about isn’t really worth, well, complaining about.

Here are some search results on Twitter:

I ate all the rye chips in my Gardettos mix first. Now they’re gone. #firstworldproblems

The pouch of my Mac & Cheese won’t tear open. #firstworldproblems

I got ice cream on my shirt because I was eating it laying down. #firstworldproblems

(I especially like this one:)

Hardest part about birthdays today is liking all the Facebook posts. #firstworldproblems

And today, after spending $36 — and 2 hours — to get my hair cut with a purse-unloading toddler at my side, I was tempted to be super grumpy that — for the second haircut in a row — I didn’t really get the bangs I asked for.

I know, I know. #firstworldproblems

And then I got home and looked on Facebook and saw a posting from a friend who is traveling right now. She had posted some pictures of the Third World that brought me back into the real world.

And I thought — huh. My hair is just fine. In fact, it’s perfect.

It’s good to keep perspective.

Because no matter what world we live in, why waste time complaining when we should be counting.


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