First day back

*Note: Poor photo quality courtesy of the iPhone

Today I woke up earlier than I have in a long time. 6:45 am to be exact. I took a shower. Made sure I had my work laptop. Put a can of salted almonds and some vanilla nonfat yogurt into an old shopping bag from Guess Jeans (who knows when I last shopped there?) Stuffed a bag full of mismatched workout clothes just in case I had time to hit the gym. Made sure I had some other nursing mother necessities. Found an outfit that fit me. And off I went – back to work after 12 weeks.

I stopped at my usual Starbucks, drove through the school zones, heard the morning radio shows and shuffled along with traffic as though I had never left. As though that precious, life-changing, beautiful day 12 weeks ago was but a dream. But, thankfully, it’s not a dream. And as “ordinary” as this morning may have felt, our lives are more full than they’ve ever been. Full of love.

I treated myself on the way.

And a dear friend brought me a treat to brighten my morning.

Just when I was feeling homesick, I glanced over at my whiteboard and saw a beautiful piece of home: artwork from my precious first born left over from his visit to my office:

After a long day, I drove home in the “ordinary” traffic to greet my extraordinary family.

What a wonderful welcome home.

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