Etsy Besties 2012

Kate’s 2nd birthday party is coming up next month. [We’re doing a princess theme.]

And in search of a few cute decoration ideas, I visited one of my favorite websites in the whole wide web:

I love Etsy.

I love it for lots of reasons — the inspiration, the one-of-a-kind gifts, and mostly, the fact that it provides crafty creatives with their own marketplace.

I also love discovering new Etsy stores — and just “window shopping” the website. But lately — I’ve been wanting an easy way to find the best stuff. It doesn’t matter what kind of stuff necessarily, just really good stuff. I’ve done some searches, but haven’t found an aggregate of the best stores to visit. So, I’m making one.

See, I’m crafty, too.


Illustration credits and permissions

I wanna know: What are your favorite Etsy shops? Doesn’t matter the category. I just want to start assembling some of the best shops out there — big ones and hidden gems alike.

To nominate a store you like (and enter as many as you feel passionate about), just comment in the comment section below. [Please put a link to their Etsy page.]

Then next week (Monday, October 8th), I’ll assemble all the nominated stores, post them in a voting poll and we’ll vote on the top ones!

Then we’ll all go visit the winners.

And buy cute handmade stuff that makes us happy.

Easy peasy.


  1. Jamie K

    I LOVE Jenna Bee’s Paper Creations. I was going to make my own mobile like that but then decided that for the price, hers would look much nicer and save me a lot of time. haha. she is great!

  2. Cindy

    I bought a carseat cover for my granddaughter from Sew Cute AZ. She was having a girl after first having a boy and had all boy stuff. She has the most precious carseat covers that just slip over the ones you already have. Here’s her website: I nominate her!

  3. Natalie Briggs

    I love Happyhandmadebyjess ( Her name is Jess Burbank and she makes beautiful amigurumi animals. She does custom orders to any animal & objects you can think of! She doesn’t have much on her page currently as she is in the process of moving, but she is amazing! We have at least 3 of her creations!

  4. Becca

    I love Mama May I. She does great wooden toys that excite kids’ imaginations but I love her for her taggie blankets! She has such fun fabrics and really good quality-

    I also love Super Kid Capes for superhero capes. I looked at a ton of etsy shops and she had the best quality and wonderful service-

    • Becca, thank you so much for your kind words and nomination! I love that the Fiddle Fabs are top on your list – I am such a fabric hoarder because I can’t stop collecting cute prints! Looking forward to being there for many playtimes to come :-)

  5. Karin Saucedo

    Great idea! I LOVE Bee Things! They sell handmade, limited edition screen prints on paper. I’ve bought a few prints as gifts and I have friends who collect their art. Every print I’ve seen in real life is PERFECT! I love all their designs and they look great up on a wall! Here is their link to shop:
    And here’s their website:

  6. Vanessa Ciastko

    I love Pitter Patter Shop. I ordered an outfit for my daughters first birthday. She was quick to email me back, easily accommodated to me needing custom sizes, and I had my order within 3 or 4 days!! I was surprised, because these are hand-sewn shoes and clothes, so I wasn’t expecting to receive it so soon! I loved it!!

  7. Ellen Fithian

    I ordered several pouches from TAC Designs, my favorite was one made with sushi pattern fabric.

    Another favorite is my good friend, Alicia’s shop. She makes all kinds of wonderful things with recycled paper items. Her shop is

  8. Stephanie Stoner

    I’ve ordered from several stores, and I’ve had a great experience working with all of them. All my orders came quickly, and the owners were very responsive to my questions. I’ve mostly ordered items for props for Audrey’s pictures from newborn to age one, and I also got her a monogrammed t-shirt for her 1st birthday. I can’t choose just one of these stores. I really love all of the items I’ve purchased from Etsy.

    For headbands, I’ve bought from:
    Flower Bucket

    and Just Josie

    For baby ruffle bloomers, I’ve bought from:
    Sherbert Baby

    and Moore Baby Clothing

    For ruffled rompers, I’ve bought from:

    And for monogrammed stuff, I’ve bought from:
    Make It Personal

    I also got a wall decal for James’ room:
    Art Wall Project

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Etsy!

  9. Monica

    I love getting lost on etsy and am always looking for new sellers. Here are a few of my favorites: I LOVE this clock and am thinking about getting one for all the men on my Christmas list who are so hard to buy for! Her baby books are so original and affordable. IF I decide to have baby #3, I’ll be ordering from her again. Great personalized gifts. This is my go-to site for kids’ birthdays, if I remember to order in time. Also, I love to get the personalized cutting board for wedding showers, along with a knife from the couple’s registry.

    I can’t wait to see what everyone else has as suggestions!

  10. Oh gosh, I have way too many favorites. But most of them are for little newborn photo props. πŸ˜‰

    Some others I love….

    Aunt Bucky
    Got the cutest crib bedding for my littlest man here. Love the modern, cheery designs. They have twin bedding and apparel for kiddos too.

    Tweet Toys
    Scooped up a little wooden sailboat here for my Max, my little Wild Thing. Handmade, modern, adorable.

    The cutest little knit hats for babies and tots. And the seller is right here in Allen, TX!

    Love Etsy!

  11. Alexis Bailey

    So fun!! I am always in awe of the talent on etsy!
    Two of my favorites are “As Unique As You” where I bought a personalized “family rules” sign for our home. They were very kind and willing to make the sign exactly how you want it.

    And “Maddiebee123” I ordered a camera strap from them and they were super friendly and helpful!

    Happy Shopping everyone!!!

  12. Karen Bahadori

    I love carrying my purse woven from the black, white and taupe pages of a favorite old design book of mine. Alicia creates beautiful pieces for wearing and for your home from all kinds of recycled paper β€” her ETSY shop is:

  13. Lauren

    What a fun roundup of some great Etsy shops. I’m excited to go through all of the noms and find some new favorites. I would like to nominate The Measure for beautiful children clothes, The Pat-a-cake baby for great baby gifts, and Little Sapling toys for really neat organic wood toys.

  14. Grow Babies Grow! and maternity “postal” due date shirts and kid’s birthday shirts. Choose from the designs on the website or ask about custom orders. Every mother to whom I have gifted the set of 12 onesies with a month on each onesie has loved the 12 photos of their child as he or she grows. When the maternity shirts appeared I knew my pregnant niece needed one! As seen on the Martha Steward Show!

  15. I LOVE I have been a face snob for years and couldn’t believe the results in her products. Her cleansing grains are amazing and her lip balms are the first I have “ever” used that heal and repair. Her bath powder completely took care of eczema on my babies skin. AMAZING. AND she is a mom to FIVE children (the youngest almost a year old). Wonderful shop!!

  16. I have so many favorites! Here they are:

    Parkers Flour Patch-fondant cupcake/cake/cookie toppers

    Grace and Guy Paperie Designs-party printables

    Belva June-party printables

    Apple Blossom Print-nursery prints

    Sycamore Street Press-lettpress prints

    Get Your Craft on Shop-baby hats

    All of these had excellent service, communication and products. Great idea!

  17. Nicole Salerno

    Okay, I might be a little late here, bit here are a few of my favs:

    Pin Wheel Press is AMAING! They have custom paper goods that you can personalize, perfect for “just marrieds” or “new job” gifts:

    Just Breath Designs is a friend of mine, and she just started her store, she is so talented with her graphic designs, custom to your order:

    Gilligan’s Gate is a store I get some of my jewelry for my new pieces from, they have great vintage items:

    The End, xo!

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