Christmas gift

Wanna know what we got for Christmas?

Here are a few clues:

1. This actually doesn’t sound appetizing. But it’s cliché. And clues must be cliché, right?

2. Notice the shirt. (Though it’s hard to get past that smile!)

3. The hue of my skin when I “got sick” out the side of the truck after Christmas morning mass (Grinch-green, that is.):

4. OK, OK, I think you get it.

While celebrating the birth of the baby Christ, we also celebrated the news of our own baby #3 on the way — due August 2012! Which means a lot of excitement for us — and a lot of pregnancy-infused blog posts for Sipping Lemonade (a great pregnancy drink, by the way!) over the next 9 months.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Irene Mitchell

    Congratulations! I am your father-in-law’s first cousin and have been following your blog for awhile. Wishing you the best and the blessed!

    Peace- Irene

  2. Just about the best thing I have read this week! All the best for this precious new little person, I’ll be looking forward to the pregnancy infused posts! Congratulations xxx

  3. Alexis Bailey

    Congratulations!!! What wonderful and exciting news for your beausitfulfamily!!!! I hope you start feeling a bit better soon!!

  4. Patricia { Ann} Kizer

    If this {3rd child} person is born near my August birthday , then you can name it after me. Mine is the 10th day! My 88 year old mother calls me “Patty” , but if needs be you could use “Patrick”. In case you wonder, I will turn 62 years this 2012! Never been pregnant, but married for 41 years with cats & dogs. Just now discovered your blog! Hope to read more in the future!

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