Box of cards

I cleaned out closets yesterday. And drawers. Lots of them.

I found old toys and forgotten baby gifts, newborn clothes and handmade forget-me-nots — but my favorite finding was the pile of greeting cards piled in an old, grey, Bed, Bath & Beyond box in my kitchen buffet.

The cards dated back to 2004 — wedding cards and birthday cards, “thinking of you” notes and love letters. Cards from beloved grandmothers and old friends, parents and in-laws.

My Mom wrote me a note the first month of my first job away from home.

My Dad wrote me a letter on my 27th birthday, pregnant with my first child.

My husband wrote me a card on the eve of my baptism — just months before we got married.

My sister-in-law wrote me a card on the day of our wedding, welcoming me into her family.

And at the bottom of the box was a note from my Nana for my 16th birthday, kept for 14 years.

And suddenly — the memories of times long passed came flooding back. As I pulled the cards from the box, it was as if every person penning the words were leaping into my living room, wishing me well, cheering me on. And though I did throw many away, I held on to a precious few that hold within them sentiments so strong they ground me.

I love cleaning out the clutter to more easily find what I need the most.

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