Booby Traps

The title of this post would be a great name for a brand of nursing bras.

But I digress.

This is what my livingroom currently looks like.

You know that part of Home Alone when Kevin McAllister sets up all his toys to destroy the bad guys?

Well, I’m glad I know my 2-year-old loves me — because he’s setting these little traps all over the house.

Trip-over traps.

And spiky, stabby traps.

And bite-your-toe Cookie Monster traps.

And he’s trained these ferocious beasts to guard the traps in case you get past them.

Sometimes the beasts turn on each other.

It’s every man for himself around here.

… or every señorita.

(PS — If you steal my Booby Traps Nursing Bras idea, at least send me a free one. Thanks.)

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