Beverly Hills Brownie Company

I’m excited about this post. Mostly because it’s my first blog giveaway and I get to give you one of my favorite things: brownies.

But not just any brownies. Beverly Hills brownies. Famous brownies. Red Carpet struttin’ brownies. Brownies that hang out at after-parties with celebutants and boy bands.

Beverly Hills Brownie Company brownies.

You see, I got an email not long ago from a fabulous man named Franz who works with BHBC. (We’re buddies now, I can abbreviate the name.) Franz asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their brownies on my blog. After all, the owner, Bobbie, has a great story — after a long corporate career in marketing, she followed her passion for baking to open a posh, luxury-brownie shop right in the heart of 90210.

I love people who follow their passions. I also love brownies. You can see why we’re a match made in heaven.

Plus, look at this shop. It’s purdy.

And so, today, I got a box. This box.

Which I opened to reveal brownies. These flavors of brownies.

And then, in spite of my after-baby diet (it’s for the blog, people!), I took a discerning bite of each one.

Of this one… (Cream Cheese)

And this one… (Caramel Blondie)

And this one… (Mint Chip)

AND finally (this is a tough job, I know), this one… (Simply Classic)

But then I had to figure out my favorite. So another bite or two was required, of course.

They were all delicious — but you could tell my favorites by the “bite quotient.”

So then, because I’m a nice wife, I took the box to my husband’s home office to let him try them, too. Along with a nice big glass of cold milk. My 3-year-old is currently polishing off the Caramel Blondie.

But the best thing about these brownies is that you don’t have to go all the way to Beverly Hills to get them.

*You can WIN a free box mailed to your front doorstep! Just leave a comment below saying hi and I’ll randomly pick a commenter to win a free box. Yippee! [I’ll announce the winner Monday on my blog Facebook page — so “like” the page if you don’t yet!]

You can also order a yummy box online at the Beverly Hills Brownie Company website. They really are a special gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas — imagine being surprised with this pretty box by someone you love!

Sigh. I feel like Oprah.


  1. Marilyn

    Lauren, here are my reasons why I should be the winner.
    In no particular order
    I love chocolate
    I love brownies
    I love chocolate brownies
    Hey, I even like bacon chocolate brownies. ( I make these) goes well with a bacon latte.
    I would be the best person to give you my personal opinion, on any of the fabulous flavors you just described, after I’ve tried them of course.
    I like you and your family, and I’d be willing to share with a friend if I were to win.
    That’s all for now, I have to give others a chance to respond. Hugs.

    • Lauren

      Marilyn, you are hilarious. And I need to try this bacon latte you speak of. I will come by and say hi next time I’m in town. Are you open around Thanksgiving?? :)

  2. Monica Tetrault

    Although Marilyn’s argument is convincing, I have to tell you I think we’re brownie soul sisters. My “bite quotient” would be the exact same as yours :)

  3. Catherine

    If I am the winner I would have to plan a girls night just so I am forced to share these!!!! You are a better wife than I am…..probably thinner too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lauren

      Catherine, you are funny. If you win and have a girls’ night, just make sure you pick your favorite out before your friends get there. :)

  4. Michele Zagorski

    I just finished canning 45 quarts of spaghetti sauce from 116 pounds of our home-grown tomatoes. I could use a brownie break. Make my day : )

  5. gerry

    Ok, LES, this is funny. I asked you to send me one brownie… Haha… it is like I ate bagels BEFORE they were cool… wore cool, trendy trousers BEFORE they were cool….asking for brownies BEFORE i knew you WERE actually giving more than one away IS cool…. sending love…

  6. sandra turney

    Just wondering do you get any requests for the burnt edges?Seems everyone loves
    that part————personally I think your store and boxed brownies look absolutely

  7. Mary Whitmarsh

    Hi Lauren!
    Those brownies look delicious! I love your blog. I found your blog after following your husbands on Facebook. I enjoy reading both of them.

  8. Well, I have a perfect reason to want to win…well, four of them – my family :) We all LOVE brownies and that blondie would be for me and baby #3 – all to share on our family’s birthday (6th wedding anniversary). Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  9. Monica

    Hi! We met last weekend at Ava’s birthday party. You should know your blog is my new favorite. I’ll be spending most of this weekend at work reading all of it! (Shhh–don’t tell my boss!)

    • Lauren

      Monica! So happy you found my little place in cyberspace! Thank you for your sweet words — hope we bump into each other again soon :) Enjoyed our chat!

  10. Lisa Hampton

    Hi Lauren – I love reading your blog and seeing pics of your beautiful babies. You and my niece were pregnant at the same time with your first two babies…………she didn’t go the third round with you!!

    If I win, I ‘might’ share a bite or two with your Aunt Patti! (name dropper).

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Becca

    Hi, Lauren!

    You need to pick me since I’ve been reading your blog since the first post. Oh, and our boys could be brothers with the same hair color and half-moon blue eyes :)

    Hope you’re doing well. Love the blog and love hearing about your new career!


    • Lauren

      Thanks, Priscilla! WISH it was my brownie shop — but I would probably just eat all of the profits in brownie batter :) Thanks for your comment!

  12. melinda thibodeau

    hello! love reading your blog! i just had a baby too and also left my job… it was great reading your posts through the process! God bless!

  13. Stephanie Stoner

    These brownies look delicious! I would love to sink my teeth into them…as would Dave as he’s looking over my shoulder at this very moment. Actually, he’s drooling on my shoulder. Someone get the man some brownies already!

  14. Brianne

    That store is awesome! i can only hope to have one as upscale as that when Cookie Lady really takes off! The brownies look awesome-especially the caramel sandies.

  15. Sarah Frasier

    Hi! You and I are kindred spirits-wife, stay at home mom to 3 kiddos, new baby in our house, too! Oh, and did I mention my love of brownies ๐Ÿ˜‰

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