As innocent babes

Sometimes I like to picture people as babies – especially when their adult persona is very defined. Maybe they are super serious. Or mean. Or powerful. Or strange. Or professional. Or funny. I like to think about their story and how they became who they are. Maybe it’s the storyteller in me.

I have found that this thought process makes people seem less different and more alike — we were all, at one time, small little babies that depended on other people. Little fat cherubs that had no teeth and rolls on our arms.

And it’s weird to think about it: the biggest villains, heroes, and celebrities of the world were, at one time, just tiny little infants. No matter where we end up, we all start at the same place.

I just think that’s a humbling thought.

I was thinking this thought in a meeting at work today — when, as creatives do when we’re supposed to be brainstorming, we got distracted by showing each other our baby pictures. (Ah, Facebook).

Here’s Derek.

And here’s Kevin. (I love this outfit.)

And there’s sweet little Diana.

And we can’t forget about me — the human Christmas tree ornament.

It truly is looking at the best in people when you see them as young babes, full of possibility and goodness. We should all see each other so kindly.

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