Amongst the grass

I love to lay in the grass and stare up through arching tree branches into the afternoon sky. Daydreaming. Half-dozing. Contemplating. Whatever you call it — there’s something very fresh and hopeful about the simple act of laying on the ground and tossing your gaze toward the heavens.



And so today, while the sun rested atop our backyard trees, we tramped into the grass to become one with nature. We lay on a large blanket made of cut-up bluejeans and were close enough to the earth to watch ants march across crisp leaves.



We peeked under rocks and hid behind trees and played fetch with the dog using a slobbery, half-eaten tennis ball.



And before it was over, we poured a generous helping of Hershey’s syrup into cold glasses of milk and drank our afternoon treat with bendy straws.



Then the cool breeze and pending to-do list encouraged us to head inside. So we shook off the blanket, sipped our last sips, and promised the grass we’d return again soon.




Perhaps tomorrow.

  1. Barb

    I love how you remind us to enjoy the simple things in life. Afterall, these are the riches that make up our everydays and so often we overlook them.

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