A whole lotta love

On weekends, Kate and I often wake up before everybody else in the house (well, minus the dog and cat.)

So while the boys sleep a bit longer, we spend some morning quiet time together — a cup of coffee (for me, not Kate), a bit of breakfast, sometimes we catch up on DVR’d Barefoot Contessa episodes from the Food Network. (I’m training her young to cook for me!)

This morning, we popped outside on the deck — just us girls (including the dog) for a Sunday morning breakfast. We listened to crickets. We were serenaded by the birds. And our yellow Lab waited patiently by Kate’s high chair for an inevitable morsel of toast or a slice of juicy pear to fall to the ground.

I like this quiet time with just me and my girl — lots of eye contact and fun conversation and grins.

And as #3 is due to arrive in the next (short! — but hot) six weeks, I am grateful for the individual moments that I can spend focused on each kiddo — the special moments, that, even if they are brief, are so meaningful.

Being an only child, I never had to divide my parents’ attention with siblings (though my Mom told me once when I was young that she wasn’t going to come on my field trips anymore if I kept exclaiming to the other kids, ‘She’s my mom!!!’)

And as our family continues to grow (and Mom and Dad will soon be outnumbered — yikes!), I make a thoughtful effort to think of ways each child will feel special, focused on, and important — while also knowing that they’re a part of something bigger.

But that’s what I love about the nature of family. In the ebb and the flow of special moments one-on-one, mixed with the beautiful chaos of a full house — there’s always more than enough love to go around.

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