A sweet season

Remember that week that the two toddlers had a stomach bug and the baby was her usual spit-uppy self — so by Thursday, all three children had thrown up on me? Oh yeah, and the dog pee’d on her dog bed? And the cat threw up in the garage — twice?

Oh wait — that week is NOW.

I’m on my second cup of coffee. Which is really like my fifth cup, because it’s this huge, Starbucks mug with the word HAWAII printed on the side. The ceramic is smooth and warm and sits nicely in the cradle of my palms while I watch a little morning Barefoot Contessa on The Food Network.

I did manage to shower several times this week and have successfully rotated my Uniform of Victoria Secrets sweatpants and hoodies.

It’s the uniform of the season. And the “season” that I’m speaking of is not Fall — though it is nice to be all bundled and comfy-cozy inside on a rainy Fall day — but the “season” of “3 babies, 3 and under.”

Someday I’ll be in the season of preteen girls who want to shop at Justice and wear UGGs.

And then it’ll be the season of teenagers who think it’s fun to jump from really high places onto bed mattresses.

And then someday, the season of oh-my-goodness, my babies are having babies and my ears and nose keep getting bigger.

[Sidenote: did you know your ears and nose never stop growing?]

But truth be told, I really like the chaos of this season. It’s like a marathon — exhausting, surprising, redundant, exhilarating, and rewarding — all at the same time. But when you get those breaks? Those moments of calm where you can drink from extra-large coffee mugs and watch The Food Network and thumb through Nana’s old Southern Living cookbooks? Those are especially sweet.

Then they come running back in the room — yelling “Mama! Mama!” —  with chubby little fingers and rosy cheeks and arms-wide-open asking for hugs. And the quiet gives way to a flooding of noisy love — and really, that’s even sweeter.


  1. Emily S

    Amen, sister. I’m holding a sweet little red-cheeked teething baby Sawyer, sitting next to a pile (the 5th load) of post-puke laundry. Our two middle kiddos picked up the stomach bug last weekend and there has been a lot of “poor, sweet baby” and “do you need to throw up again?” around here since.
    And though it’s a little crazy and we go through carpet-cleaner at an alarmingly fast rate around here, I’m so thankful God gave me these precious ones to take care of and that I know it’s just a tummy bug and this too shall pass with little damage done.
    Wish we were closer and could chat over coffee mugs together and encourage each other in person through this season of life!

  2. Just one whiff of an aromatic sleeping baby makes all that vomit and pee fade into oblivion. I’m sitting here with my 2 yr old sleeping on my knee and she smells just lovely. And I have to tell you, the middle childhood years are super-fun, Tweens win your heart and best of all Teens!!! I’m so lucky to have all these ages in my family right now, I couldn’t pick a favourite age, but babies DO smell lovely!

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