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I always like a little something new, don’t you?

New flowers peeking over the grasses in my wildflower field, new life awakening in the vegetable garden, a new recipe to get me out of a dinner rut. It’s nice to freshen things up a bit, rearrange the furniture, get bangs. So that’s what I’m doing here at the blog, too — a little makeover.

People have asked me what my blog is about for some time (OK, like 2 people) and I’m like, oh, you know, I write about this and that. Sometimes I write about motherhood and sometimes about Down syndrome and sometimes about old women sweeping porches. And at different times, I have gone through different stages of what I want to write about more — and that’s OK, the blog reflects my muse at the moment.

But lately, I’ve felt the tug to make it more focused (mostly to me). I want to write a bit more intentionally and I’ve been reevaluating how this blog has changed since I started it 4 years ago as a city-girl advertising writer with a toddler and a new baby.

Since then, I’ve had a couple more kiddos, moved to the country with dreams of a family farm, have started homeschooling my first-born and spend a lot more time immersed in the “nurturing arts” (as writer Barbara Kingsolver calls them) — cooking, gardening and alike. As I have grown, so has the blog, which is why much of my writing here is focused on what I focus on daily: family, faith and (aspiring) farm-life.

The name Sipping Lemonade came to me in the first days of starting this blog in the simple sense of making the best of life. Focusing on the sweet rather than the bitter — and then, drinking that up. Looking for beauty and letting it become a part of you. That’s what I’ve always hoped to do here and what I hope to continue to do.

There are challenges in all of our lives, hard days, frustrating moments, but that’s never really what has inspired me to write. What moves me are the magical moments between them where God’s abundant grace floods in. That’s the stuff I like to focus on. That’s what makes words come to me in flashes of poetry and prose. Everyone who writes does so for different reasons and that’s why I do: to look for the best, to be grateful, to see beauty. To sip lemonade, so to speak.

So that’s all — just a little something new that’s not really all that new at all. As my Nana used to tell me, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

Thank you for reading and following along and writing kind words and being a special part of this little space.

This photo is of our farmhouse diningroom table, built by my husband and brother-in-law out of local pine wood. It stands heavy in our home holding the things that nourish us most: Fresh food on the table, grace said in thanksgiving, and family gathered round.


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  1. Ashley

    And now I’m wishing, more than ever, that I could come sit at your table and sip lemonade with you. You inspire me to be a better mother, writer, friend, and daughter of God. I don’t think you know the impact you have had on me. If only we lived closer to each other! Much Love, Ash

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